About This Site
This site is really simple. Let's say you want to find out someone's IP address. It really doesn't matter why, that's irrelevant. But you don't want them to know you're trying to find it out. So you use this site, which is really just a URL shortener (not really a shortener, more like a re-director. But you can put it in bit.ly). Then, you give the link to your victim and when he or she clicks it, a bunch of stats are logged about them without them even knowing. Their IP address, time of visit, user agent string, hostname, and the referring URL are logged. Then, they are immediately redirected to the URL you entered originally, without seeing anything abnormal happening. Later, you can return, and see all the stats logged about them.

So why would you use this? I don't know; you tell me. It is useful for a few things though - you can send it in an email to prove someone clicked your link. Then when they say "I never got that," you can prove them wrong. Or, you can use it when you post an image or link on Facebook. You can see how many of your friends actually clicked your link and where they all live (using the map feature).

Essentially, this has three uses: tracking IPs, proving someone clicked a link, and getting real-time click stats on your social networking posts. Enjoy!